Punctured tyres can often be saved. Our team is highly skilled in assessing your tyres for their suitability for either puncture repairing or vulcanising. Click here for our TYRE REPAIRS page to learn more.


If you need new tyres, we can make it really easy for you. Being an independent, we supply and fit a huge range of brands and sizes for all types of vehicles - over 90 brands in fact!

Follow the simple Tyre Savers 3 step process:

1. Check out our brands page: Scroll through the logos. If you see any brands you like or are familiar with let us know. If what you want is not on there, just ask. If you don’t see anything familiar, that’s absolutely fine as we will help you with this.

2. Call us or call in: Our highly trained technicians are on hand to guide you on what’s best for you, your car and your budget, so you make the best decision. In one quick conversation we can filter through our brand range and narrow things down to a handful of options for you to consider. We will then fit and balance the tyres you choose, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

3. Drive away happy: Though our job doesn’t finish here. We will always encourage you back for free tyre rotations at a time to suit you. See below about the importance of regular tyre rotations.


We have an extensive range of local second hand tyres available. Call the team to see if we have something to suit you.


Significant changes in technology over time have seen retreads return as an option for truck tyres. Speak with the team about how a good quality, safe retread might suit you, because in the right application it may save you a lot of money.


Wheel balancing is the process of equalizing the weight of the combined tyre and wheel assembly so that it spins smoothly at high speed.  

Take your car for a straight line open road drive. Does the steering wheel have a slight ‘wobble’ at certain speeds as you accelerate, or do you feel a vibration in the floor? If so, your wheels might need a balance. If left unchecked, imbalanced wheels can cause irregular wear on the tyres, costing you money as you will have to replace certain tyres prematurely.

Our team will balance your new tyres when fitted, however over time an imbalance can occur as your tyres wear. An occasional open road drive check is the key to ensuring you discover any imbalance as soon as possible. If your car is primarily used for round town driving, an occasional open road drive is also good for the engine.

Well balanced wheels will not only save you money in the long term on your tyres, they will also ensure a smooth ride, can reduce motion sickness, will assist with fuel economy and will minimise stress and wear on the steering, drive and suspension parts of your car.


Wheel alignments are an adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension (the system that connects a vehicle to its wheels) and are critical to ensuring you get the best possible life out of your tyres. The key to an alignment is correctly and accurately adjusting the angles of the tyres which affects how they make contact with the road.

There are a few tell-tale signs that your car needs an alignment. If you notice any of these indicators, you should have your vehicle checked by our specialist technicians immediately:

- Uneven tread wear

- Your car pulls to the left or right

- Your steering wheel is off centre when driving straight

- Steering wheel vibration

If left unchecked, these factors can cause irregular wear, costing you money as you will have to replace your tyres prematurely (in up to half the time). 

At Tyre Savers we will not compromise on the quality or comprehensive nature of an alignment on your vehicle.


Stuck out there? Our Fleet Tech Connor is available for all on site car, truck, tractor, rural machinery and trailer fitting, as well as battery replacement work. We service the greater Waikato area and have a preventative maintenance yard management service available.


We have access to multiple supplier and brand options for mags, alloys and steel rims to suit your style and budget. We cater for all types of cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles and trailers and will set your mags or rims up with the right tyres to make the ride the best it can be. Call the team to discuss brands and style options.


Is your mag, alloy or steel rim grazed, buckled or bent out of shape? Let us have a look at it for you to see if it can be fixed. Quite often a bit of a touch up and some TLC is all that is needed. 


Rotating the tyres (putting the front ones to the back) is critical for ensuring nice even long term wear across all four tyres, saving you money. The front of the car houses the engine so has more weight on it. Most modern cars are front wheel drive and of course all the tight turning is done on the front tyres. These factors mean the front tyres will wear out more quickly than the back. When you buy tyres from Tyre Savers, we will encourage you back for free regular rotations. This is generally a milage based call back, though you can always call in whenever passing so the team can check them for you, at a time that totally suits you. This is also a great time for the team to take a quick check of the air pressure and any other relevant aspect of the tyres.


With a quick check under the hood we can tell you if your battery is close to, or passed its used by date. We can do a swap over with most common models real quick and easy. And if you are stuck out there somewhere with a flat battery, we can bring one to you! Its great peace of mind to know you have enough battery power under the hood to get that car started each time.


We have a separate specialist rubber moulding department. Especially suited to specialist work for new truck builds, we also have the ability to mould up many different types of rubber parts for cars - great for the classics!


The HIKEIT Throttle Controller is the most advanced controller on the market, designed specifically to wake up your car by reducing throttle lag and improving the response time from your vehicles "fly by wire" accelerator. Best of all, they are plug & play and we install for free with a 100% money back guarantee

What is the HIKEIT?

The HIKEIT is a throttle response controller that removes delays in your electronic accelerator pedal. In short, it will get a faster response from your engine meaning you get a modified acceleration based on the setting you select.


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