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Are done, in simple terms, in the same way as in days of old. Advancements in repair material technology have meant that a standard puncture repair is a safe and common practice, and is often the quickest and most cost effective way to fix your tyres. 


Is the process of adding new raw rubber to a damaged area of a tyre, to create a repair that is suitable for the rest of the tyres road life. Vulcanising is extremely cost effective (generally between 10 - 30% of the cost of a new tyre) and is the next best option if the tyre cannot be repaired using the traditional puncture repair method. 


Puncture repairs are done on the riding surface of the tyre (a typical puncture repair job would be to a nail in the tread). Vulcanising can be done on both the riding surface and sidewall (a typical vulcanising job would be to a larger hole or gash on the riding surface or the sidewall). The ability to repair sidewalls is the key to making vulcanising an extremely cost effective option, as it can save you having to buy a replacement tyre or tyres.


Our friendly, trustworthy team are trained to assess your tyre for its suitability for either puncture repair or vulcanising. They will help show you where on a tyre you can and cannot repair, and of course all our repairs are carried out to the relevant New Zealand standard (NZS 5423: 1996 - Repairing and retreading car, truck and bus tyres).


Yes, sometimes you need a new tyre as not all things can be fixed. This has seen us connect with the best new tyre supply partners in the business to bring you a huge range of brands to suit all budgets and makes and models of vehicle. Click here for our BRANDS page, where you will see one of the most extensive ranges of tyre offerings available. We have access to almost all major household names as well as many other world renowned offerings, all available in the one place.

Above all, our proudly independent and local team are here to help by giving you the best, most honest and unbiased advice - so you make the best decision! We can also give you plenty of advice on the many other factors that can help save you money when it comes to tyres. Read more about some of these things on our products page:

- Correct tyre pressure assists with better tyre wear and fuel economy. Stop in for a free check

- Keeping up to date with wheel alignments (every 10,000 - 15,000kms) and balancing

- Tyre rotation

- Correct tyre choice for the vehicle and its applications


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